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9.5.18 Post Tropical Storm Gordon

Michael Sznajderman, Spokesman for Alabama Power called in today to explain the preparation that goes into hurricane season for Alabama Power. It is no small ordeal as they were ready to go with sister companies such as Georgia Power and Mississippi Power ready to help out and in-tern do the same for them.

9.4.18 Best of The Ford Faction

Today Ford breaks down the new Senator in Arizona, Colin Kaepernick's new campaign, and the show rundown in "Final Thoughts"

8.31.18 Bret Pippen Senior VP of Marketing at Regions

Bret Pippen thought it was just going to be another day at Regions tower in downtown Birmingham. However, as he learned about a tragic event, his day stopped. He began to think about what relationships around him actually meant.

8.31.18 Governor Kay Ivey and Mike Hale Jefferson Co Sheriff

Today Ford opens up with a reporters tweet where he cut out 15 seconds out of a 3-minute interview with Kay Ivey and makes her look incompetent by not answer a question that has already been asked then the truth comes out. Then, he gets to good news about what Mike Hale is doing with [...]

8.30.18 Bham turning into a Sanctuary City, Fundraising, and “Final Thoughts”

Today Ford tries to wrap his head around Mayor of Birmingham, Randall Woodfin's comments with Yellowhammer News. He stated that Birmingham would not cooperate with ICE, ask immigration statuses, or be a sanctuary city but rather a welcoming city. Then, probably the funniest fundraising stories in the state make national news. Finally, Ford wraps up [...]

8.29.18 “Zoo Animals”, The Lottery, and Ohio State Scandal

Today Ford breaks down the quote from Odell Beckham Jr. that he feels like a “zoo animal” after signing a 95 MILLION dollar contract. Next, he explains the repercussions we could see from Mississippi getting the lottery. Then, we have breaking news from the Ohio State scandal with the coach who beat his wife, Zac [...]

8.28.18 The McCains, Arizona Primaries, and Everything In-between

Today Ford breaks down the three biggest issues in Arizona as their primaries go on today! Then, he finds out about a 4000 couple wedding in South Korea, before talking about his trip to Amsterdam. Finally, he introduces a new segment to the audience to wrap up everything that has happened on the show that [...]

8.27.18 Best of The Ford Faciton

Today Ford breaks down the sad shooting in Jacksonville, FL and takes it to the next level when trying to figure out the motive. Next, the story about racer driver Connor Daily, who is losing his ride because of his dad's actions in the 80's. Finally, Dega Clay joins us!

8.24.18 The Hollywood Conservative

The Hollywood Conservative joins Ford to talk about several things. First, she explains the situation to Micheal Cohen and Paul Manafort and the relations between them now. Next, Ford asks Amanda Head what she thinks about the national media. Then, they discuss the tragic event with the murder of Mollie Tibbitts. Finally, the hypocritical actions [...]

8.23.18 Animal Cracker Controversy, “Front Holes”, and “do you know who my daddy is”

Today Ford gets sidetracked as he walks in the studio because FREEDOM has been served! The animals on the front of the animal crackers box are now CAGE FREE. WHAT. A. DAY. Liberty was served. They want to change the name of the female anatomy to “Front Hole” and this is probably the worst “do [...]