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9.18.18 Best of The Ford Faction

Today Ford breaks down the ENTIRE Kavanaugh allegations, the FUNNIEST concerned parent ever, and "Final Thoughts".

9.14.18 The Hollywood Conservative

The Hollywood Conservative joins in to talk about the latest political "drama" in LA. Then, we discuss Brett Kavanaugh's alleged actions back from high school. Amanda then touches on the shirt that received major back last after it read "being fat isn't beautiful, its an excuse". Finally, she helps Ford breakdown the Nikki Haley "fake [...]

9.13.18 Best of The Ford Faction

Today Ford confronts an issue on the show from yesterday, talks about his sister (its funny I promise), and "Final Thoughts".

9.12.18 Best of The Ford Faciton

Today Ford covers a man in Ohio who got locked in his car, Randall Woodfin, and the New Alabama Futures Fund.

9.12.18 Matt Hottle $25 Million Fund for Entrepreneurship in AL

Matt Hottle joins me today. He is from Birmingham, Alabama, and works in the Alabama Futures Fund (“AFF”), announces it has closed a $25 million early-stage venture capital fund, launching the largest seed-stage investment fund in Alabama history. AFF will focus its investments in companies across a broad range of industries that exhibit the potential [...]

9.11.18 Sheriff David Clarke

Regular conservative TV contributor Sheriff David Clarke joins The Ford Faction to discuss the Birmingham Mayor. Randall Woodfin says Birmingham will be more than just a sanctuary city, it will be more, a welcoming city. Sheriff Clarke tells us how that will work out.


Today Ford tries to figure out why Mallory Hagan is now coming back to Alabama, Serena Williams meltdown, and Final Thoughts.

9.7.18 The Hollywood Conservative

The Hollywood Conservative waste no time blasting off on the Kavanaugh Hearings about the interruptions, stunts, and news over the past week. Amanda thinks Brett Kavanaugh will be ready to go by Oct 1! She then goes into another gear about how In & Out is getting pushback after they donated to both political parties. [...]

9.6.18 Alexander Shunnarah’s “Shark of the Week”

Todd Buchanan also known as The Ford Faction “Shark of The Week” stopped by to discuss his startup with the Shunnarah Law Firm and what it means to him to work with Alexander. They joke around about Todd’s early college radio days before eventually becoming a lawyer at Colorado State University and find out what [...]

9.5.18 Mike Hale’s School Safety Plan

Mike Hale joined Ford in the studio today and laid out his plan to ensure Jefferson County Schools safety. He wants to see the safest county schools in the nation right here in Alabama. Hale’s plan includes placing a School Resource Deputy (SRO) in every Jefferson County school – elementary, middle and high – and [...]