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9.5.17 Best of The Ford Faction

Today The Ford Faction covers the evil dictator now titled "Kid President", Hurricane Irma, and Zac's new workout plan.

TFF Best of 9.1.17

The Ford Faction and Candace Owens team up to destroy BLM demands

The Ford Faction Talks With Luther Strange Outside The Talking Points

YHRadio: Outside Political Action Committee from Louisiana throws hat in political ring for Roy Moore.

Outsiders are throwing money into Alabama's Senate race. John Mathis of Baton Rouge, LA based "Solution Fund" Political Action Committee joins Yellowhammer Radio's Scott Chambers, Andrea Tice and Chris Reid to explain why his PAC is backing Roy Moore.

The Hollywood conservative breaks down the latest examples of Hypocrisy on parade in Holly”weird”

The Final 30 is a smorgasbord of both topics AND food as we all say goodbye to soon to be beach bum Scott Chambers. Yellowhammer Radio hosts and Amanda Head still found time to talk about the Left Coast’s rampant hypocrisy and double standard when it comes to marriage, feminism, and protecting the environment.

Ford Faction Episode 1

The Hollywood Conservative weighs in on Charlottesville protesters and Hollywood’s reaction.

Amanda Head, The Hollywood Conservative joined Scott Chambers and Andrea Tice for The Final 30. Topics include the Charlottesville protests, Hollywood's response and a Boston University Student dropping out because he doesn't feel safe as a conservative.

A millennial voice joins YH Radio and takes both sides to task on the recent Charlottesville violence

Candace Owens is gaining the attention in conservative social media with a recent video post on the Charlottesville protests. Owens spoke to YH Radio about what woke her up from the Liberal mindset months ago, and how she refuses to fall for the games of the left leaning media.

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth talks Alabama Politics and the special senate election.

Former Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth joined Scott Chambers and Chris Reid on Yellowhammer Radio to discuss the special senate election. Hayworth talked about similarities of Alabama's senate race and Arizona's senate race. Hayworth is host of the J.D. Hayworth Show on Newsmax TV.